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13/09/2015 23:36

MVZ Kyselka

Cane become universaly dog! He has a titul "U".
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06/09/2015 23:32

Zápodočeské derby Kyselka

We were at our first exams in this year. We were very succesful. There started 12 dogs, but finished it only 4 dogs. Cane was the winner of exam with full count of points a CACT. He become an expactant of Champion of work!
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10/05/2015 23:30

Club show Humpolec

Today Cane was at the first place in the working class - CAC!
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11/03/2015 23:26

Cane is a father for the second time!

Today borned to Bonett Chlupaté štěstí ( 12 puppies! 7 girls and 5 boys. We are very proud!
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10/01/2015 21:31

Hunt for wild geese

Today beutiful day - in the morning the hunt for phesants and in the evening the hunt for wild geese and ducks - with friends in Slovakia
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03/01/2015 21:23

Hanácká dog show Brno

Hanácká dog show - Cane in the work class V1 CAC - nice start of the year!!
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28/12/2014 00:00

The visit at Cane ´s puppies

On saturday 27th december we together with my daughter visited our and Cane ´s puppies. We were with them for two days. They are incredible sweet and cute. The most we loved of course a boy (how else) and I liked a pink girl too. Terezka would choose an orange girl. But father won ´t let us...
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05/12/2014 22:25

Angel ´s walk

Today ´s angel walk with my doughter and Cane
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19/11/2014 15:31

Cane´s first training - memory

Today I pleased with a photo from Cane ´s first training at Martin Incédi Palačov. Cane here had only 8 weeks and 3 day. On sunday I  carried him and on tuesday he so hurried to me with duck squadron .....
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18/11/2014 22:45

The first puppies!!!

The first Cane ´s puppies are here!! They borned Daisy Zlatá kudrnka from kennel Taygété in Sunday 9.11. 2014!! They are 5 girls and 1 boy! They are all health and nice and they gain weight. We are very happy with cane and very congratulate to husbends Klasna!
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