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The first hunting of pheasants

08/11/2014 22:31
The first hunting of pheasants - Želešice - today we went with Cane for our first common hunting of pheasants. The hunting was directly in our hounting association. The hunting was smaller, the discard was only 17 cocks, but for the first experince ideal. The dogs were only 3, so everyone brought,...
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Cane is Czech Junior champion!

03/11/2014 20:33
Cane won in the in Prague and he finished the Czech junior champion!!!  
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Europien dog show

26/10/2014 20:32
Cane in very strong intermediate class was on the 3rd pozition!
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Cane will be a father!!!

13/10/2014 20:29
Cane will be a father! Daisy Zlatá kudrnka is pregnant! The puppies will born around 10th November!  - www.taygete.websnadno.cz/Vrh-_A_-Taygete.html
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4.-5.10.2014 DUO CACIB Bratislava

06/10/2014 20:24
4.10.2014 - Cane V4, 5.10.2014 - Cane V3  
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